Acrylic Paint Pen Uses With Stango

Acrylic paint pens are the new way to explore your artwork with new techniques and tips. They provide a unique, easy-to-use alternative to traditional paintbrushes.

These paint pens are perfect for any creative project you have in mind. They come with water-based ink, which means they’re easy to work and won’t dry out quickly like other types of felt tip pens can happen on occasion! The best part is that these paints will last longer than others, too – so not only do I get my creativity flowing but also time without worrying about running low halfway through the day.

Acrylic paint marker pens are the best watercolour painting utensils because they offer you professional results in no time. Unlike oil-based paint or other types of pens, these new Acrylic coloured pencils do not leave behind any mess when interacting with unwanted substances like ink and paper. Their only downside is that cleanup may be more complicated than usual due to its lifelike appearance.

When it comes to the best paint pens, you’ll find that these markers are not your average kind. They’re made of high-quality materials and never come off, so if handled with care, they will last forever!

1. Water-Based Paint

The term paint marker is used to refer to 1. Acrylic paint markers 2. Oil Paint markers and 3. Permanent ink marker pens. So it is essential to know that actually what acrylic paint markers are.

If you ever have used the pen where you have to shake the pen so the ball bearing can mix the paint and oil entirely before use, so you will have come across oil-based paint pens. These markers leave a terrible smell because of oil solvent-based, and therefore, they are not ideal for kids and even unsuitable for poorly ventilated areas. In addition, oil-based markers take longer to dry than acrylic markers. Though they can be used on similar surfaces like acrylic oil-based markers will act slightly differently. On porous surfaces, paint tends to sit marginally better, and on non-porous surfaces such as cards or paper, there are more chances to bleed on the surface.

If we talk about permanent pens, they are sometimes pretty confused for paint pens. The difference is that they are ink-based as against paint-based, and they act ultimately differently. They perform well on white surfaces also dry fast, and are somewhat limited. The ink won’t show up well on dark surfaces and does not work correctly on porous surfaces. Blending and layering are impossible with ink.

So that acrylic paint marker pens are a new technology using water-based acrylic paint. They are gaining popularity because of their ease of use, amongst other things.

Water Based Paint Pens

2. Multi-Skilled

Acrylic Pens offers superior performance when blending. Acrylic paints dry quickly and provide the perfect blend without hiding your base colour, while oil-based ink pens can be unpredictable in their results depending on what paper they’re used to working with. If misapplied, it is possible for colours not to show up at all but will show through when put against another media type like white paper, which makes these tools invaluable regardless! But those markers would not allow you to apply on any glossy surface. However, no matter how much time we use after using, these markers will come off quickly if we try to rub them with our fingers.

Art teachers are teaching their students how to work with various materials that they can use for different projects. The kids enjoy painting shoes, drawing on paper or rock and displaying it beautifully in Acrylic paint!

These pens come in shades of gold and silver so that you can do your art on T-shirts or fabric. It is an elegant way to customize clothes without worrying that it will be seen as permanent decoration–no one knows whether what they’re looking at is done with magic!

The paint pens are highly pigmented, and the quality of the material used is also incredible. You will never regret spending money after buying these Acrylic paints marker pen sets! You can use them for cards or gift bags that you’ve made yourself with your design on them- they’re perfect as gifts too because everyone needs a little more beauty in their life sometimes.

When you’re looking for the perfect colours of paint pens, Stango has your back. They provide 18 different shades in addition to their standard set so that everyone’s creativity will be satisfied no matter what project they want or don’t want to!

Rock Painting Ideas Using Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

3. Safety

Try to use these Acrylic colours or the best Acrylic paint pens on decorative items only.

  • Avoid using those pens on the items used for eating and drinking purposes because it could be harmful to your health because these colours are manufactured to display your artwork.
  • Please do not touch the coloured part while it is wet.
  • When the colour is wet, you can blend or mix it.
  • If the colour gets dry, you will not be able to gain the colour of your requirement.
  • When working with Acrylics, you should wear old clothes or an apron because the colour gets permanent after it dries.

These Acrylics Paint Pens are safe for children at the age of 5 and more; we do not recommend these paint pens under 3.

Suppose you feel that the tip of your colour paint pen is getting rough or is not giving you the strokes of your choice. In this case, keep that scratchy tip paint pen aside and make it reusable on uneven surfaces.

4. Characteristics

Did you notice that acrylic paint marker pens are sold as being permanent? It is true, let me tell you how.

Wood, fabric, paper, and stone all have porous surfaces. If the paint’s quality is good, it will dry permanently. So you can say that your artwork will stand the test of time.

If you want to use the pens on non-porous or glossy surfaces like glass, mirror, ceramic, or metal, the paint will not be utterly permanent once the paint has dried. It also takes longer to dry on glossy surfaces.

If you want your paint permanent on glossy surfaces, you can use varnish spray after using acrylic markers. The spray will make the paint more permanent and protect your decoration against chipping and cracking.

Tote Bags And Glass Painting With Paint Pens

5. User- Friendly

The artwork becomes easier after acrylic pens. Now you no need to take care of your painting supplies. You can paint your thoughts without many painting supplies like brushes, colour palettes, etc.

One more advantage of paint markers is that they don’t make a mess while painting, and no tension of brush cleaning. When you paint from paint bottles, sometimes you take less colour, and sometimes you take more and unfortunately, you have to waste the remaining colour, but with the paint markers, you don’t face these problems open the cap and use it as required close.

Kids use pens and pencils from an early age. They know how to grip the pencils, so it’s easy for them to grip the paint pens. That is the reason teachers recommend using such pens in art class.

Ensure to choose pens that are easy and simple to use. Stango acrylic paint pens only require you to shake it well, press down the nib on the paper or another surface until the paint comes down to the nib’s tip and flows with the colours.

How To Use An Acrylic Paint Pen Step By Step

How to Use

Step 1:

In the beginning, you have to shake your required colour paint pen very well so the colour can come to the nib easily.

Step 2:

Then you have to press the nib of your paint pen for a while so it can work unstoppable. If you see that the colour is coming out of the nib, this indicator shows that your colour paint pen is ready, and you can apply it on the canvas in the way you want.

Step 3:

The base covering with a paint pen is an essential part of your work. So make sure to apply the correct amount of Acrylic paint colours to give it the best coverage.

Be careful when applying colours at the base part because it cannot be removed once done.

Now you know how easy the procedure is to use these pens if you know the correct steps.

Some pens come with reversible nibs or tips, so you get the use of two different style nibs at once. This idea is good, but it is warned they are fiddly. Because it can be messy turning the nibs around when they are wet.

There is also a danger that the nibs may get damaged while trying to reverse them. For young children, it is not recommended to allow them to switch the nibs as they cannot change and can be dropped.

Stango provides 18 pens in a set with an extra-fine tip that helps you work better and efficiently.

After finishing your project, keep your pens horizontally as this helps the paint flow the next time you use your pens and helps prevent the risk from drying out.

6. Achievable Techniques

Effectiveness on acrylic paint is as good as the quality of the paint itself and the pigment level it carries. So as well as the paint, the tip or the quality of the nib will also have a significant role.

A high-quality paint pen can be used to create unique effects.

i. Layering

  • It can apply one colour on top of another colour. Once the first coat of paint gets dry, a new colour can easily lay over the top of it. It is easier because acrylic paints dry quickly on porous surfaces.
  • Good acrylic paint gives the opaque meaning that usually requires only one layer. However, you have a dark surface like a rock, which may require another layer to cover it.
  • To make things easier, you can begin to paint with white over the dark object to act as an undercoat so you can easily apply other colourful layers on it. The upper coats will sit nicely on the undercoat and give sparkle having the white base underneath them.

Applying a basecoat is a popular technique amongst artists, even the object is a light colour.

Undercoat Before Rock Painting

ii. Blending

  • Despite being fast-drying, acrylic paint markers can be easily used to blend colours to make new colours. Moreover, it supervises advanced users as it needs to be done while the paint is wet.
  • Blending gives you the advantage to make more colours that go beyond the colours you get in your pack of pens to start with. It also gives an opportunity to don’t buy the colours you don’t need. If you have a nice collection of colours to begin your work, you should not blend too often.

iii. Outlining

  • To add borders and outline to your artwork, you need a super-fine nib for this. The thickness of the nib depends on the size of your design and how thin an outline you need.
  • According to common beliefs, acrylic paint pens do not allow the best option for outlining your design. Because the thinner nib pens are not accurate enough for detailed artwork, because they are much thinner they tend to be weaker than the thicker nibs, and they fray easily on rough surfaces.

A fine nib will give you a consistent flow with a smooth action.

Stango acrylic paint pens are made with highly-pigmented paint, durable nibs and offer you 0.7mm fine tip.

Outlining with acrylic paint marker pens

7. Colour Range and Finish

With good quality paint, you will need vibrant colours that enhance your artwork. However, if your colour contains too much water, it will destructively affect the vibrancy of the colours as well as the capability to layer the paint effectively.

You need a set of pens with a good range of colours to efficiently do your art project and only blend new colours when you need to.

Acrylic paint paints only dry to gloss or matte. So if you want some spark, then go with gloss, or if you prefer elegant and straightforward, you will have to pick a matte one.

If you are decorating some gifts, cards or decoration pieces, you can go with silver and golden markers. They will give a sparkle to your celebrations.

Vibrant Colours With Stango Acrylic Paint Markers

Stango Acrylic Paint Pens

Stango is offering you a pallet of 18 Acrylic paint pens with an extra-fine tip that you can order, which includes all primary colours like Yellow, White, Rose, Red, Orange, Light Green, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Agate Green, Black, Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Light Violent, Chocolate, Mint Green, Walnut, Burgundy.

These all broad range colour pens are the essential requirement of any artwork.

Stango is also offering you 0.7MM fine and imported tip pens. These colour pens are waterproof, non-toxic, highly pigmented, and suitable for any surface. The lid of the pens comes with a pen holder, so you can also keep it in a pocket.

These are easy to dry. It contains 100% Water-based Ink. We do not recommend this product under the age of 3. These are thoroughly water-resistant and UV resistant.

The pen’s body is made of PVC material that is very strong and drop resistant, so no worries about the damage to the pen. These paint pens we offer are specially designed for kids, and we all know the kids are careless towards the things they use.

No matter how many times does the pen fell on the ground. It would be safe to use as before. Safety Handling is not required.

Stango Acrylic Paint Pens

Colour Mixing Techniques for Beginners

We can use three primary Acrylic paint colours: red, yellow, and blue to make a new colour.

  • Mixing of Red and yellow make orange.
  • Blue and red colour make purple.
  • Red and white make pink.
  • Blue and yellow colour make green.

Above were the basic colours mixing methods with the help of primary Acrylic paint colours. If you learn the technique to make colours, it would be fun playing with colours, and then you can make more colours by using these secondary colours.
If you are already an expert and well known for the tricks of Acrylic paint colour mixing. In that case, you can showcase your expertise by bringing this art on a canvas with few colours.
A new colour can be created with one simple step by using an Acrylic paint pen. The process is effortless to learn. Just make sure your base colour is wet before applying another pigment on top of it so it will blend well together!
Acrylic paint set comes in a different variety of colours. It will give magic to your artwork with beautiful and eye-catching enhancement. The choosing of colours is also an essential part of displaying your work.

Diy Craft Ideas with Acrylic and Different Materials

Here I am teaching you a few methods to create DIY crafts by using the cheapest material at home.

  • Making a Decorative Jar for Candles

Required things: Take a set of different Acrylic pens, pieces of mirror, an empty transparent jar or a container, set of Acrylic marker pens.


  • First of all, clean the jar with a dry cloth, then apply white or silver colour to the whole pot.
  • Let it dry first, in taking the mirror pieces, and use different colours of paint on them with the help of Acrylic pens and keep them for drying.
  • Once the jar and mirror pieces are dried out, stick them on the jar with the gap.
  • Make sure to stick them properly.
  • Your jar is ready to place a candle now.

Note: You can apply many ideas to a jar to display your work more beautifully with the help of these pens.

  • Another Method of Decorating a Jar

Things required: Pieces of Jutes, plain jar and Acrylic marker pens.

You can cut different sizes of jute or a thick thread, then apply Acrylic on them and place them on a jar with glue at different angles and let it sit to dry. One more decoration item is ready.

  • Making a Frame by Painting on Buttons

Things required: Multi-coloured buttons, cardboard, glue, Acrylic marker pens, wooden frames.

Firstly, take different white or multi-coloured buttons, then draw different designs on buttons and place them to dry. After that, take a piece of cardboard and paint it with one base colour.

Then stick those buttons onto the cardboard in any shape. Now place a wooden frame around the cardboard and decorate that on your wall.

  • Painting on Pebbles

Things required: Pebbles or flat stones, Acrylic marker pens.

You can draw different faces on pebbles or flat stones by applying different colours with the help of Acrylic markers pens.

Let them dry and apply varnish on them, and they are ready for decoration now. You can place them somewhere in your garden.

Rock painting is a traditional art form that has been practiced for centuries. The most famous practitioners are the people of Africa, who paint on rocks and decorate their houses with pebbles from around the home or garden as décor to bring good fortune where they live every day! Kids can also try this activity at their gardens using Acrylic paint – it’s easy if you know how! There is no need for complicated tools: grab some water-based paints which dry quickly enough, so your work doesn’t get ruined by humidity before it’s finished. Plus they’re affordable prices too!!

  • Different Textured Leaves

In this DIY, I will tell you the method to create textured leaves.

Things required: Set of Acrylic pens, plate or a mixing tray for colours, 2 or 3 small pieces of sponges, mirror pieces of different sizes, glue.

Firstly, you have to press the pen’s nib at any surface of any plate or colour mixing tray to get enough ink from your required colour. Then take a piece of sponge and dip it into the colour and apply it to the leaf.

Make different leaves from different colour pens and then stick them onto the mirror and place that art piece on your wall.

  • Painting on Fabric

Things Required: Piece of fabric, card sheet, Acrylic fabric pens.

In this DIY, we are going to tell you the method to paint on fabric. You can take any T-shirt, shirt or jacket. Place that piece of cloth on the floor. Draw an outline of a flower or cartoon, cut the stencil on a card sheet, place these stencils on a piece of fabric and draw a design with a fine tip marker.

Then fill in colours as the requirement of your picture. Let it sit to dry completely. Now your fabric is ready to wear.

  • Glitter Dust to Your Work

Things Required: Coloured glitters, set of Acrylic pens, ceramic old plates or mugs.

Firstly take an Acrylic colour pen that you want to paint with, then press the tip of your pen to have the colour on a plate, spread this colour by blowing it.

Then add another colour to the plate or mug and follow the same steps of blowing. You can use a different range of colours to decorate the plate. Once you have filled the colours, then sprinkle the glitter dust on the top of the colours.

Make sure that your colour is wet when you spray the glitter onto it. This way, it’ll stick better and look more attractive! After sprinkling, apply a varnish, then hang up these plates at home or put them on any shelf for decoration if desired.

Diy Craft Ideas With Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Stango

Frequently Asked Questions

What are acrylic paint pens for?

Acrylic pens are best for plastic surfaces and light coloured surfaces to produce a shiny finish after it dries. They are also suitable for stone, ceramic, glass, t.shirt and wood painting, etc. They perform best on non-porous surfaces and are also used for street art.

What are the best acrylic pens?

Stango is proving you the best acrylic pens with a pack of 18. Suitable for different materials, art teachers recommend these acrylic paint pens for kids as they are easy to use.

Do paint pens work on acrylic paint?

Yes, you can also use oil-based paint pens over acrylic paintings when it dries completely. However, it is not easy to paint over the oil pen with acrylic paint.

Are acrylic pens good?

Acrylic pens are good for marking on rocks, pottery, glass, canvas, and plastic. But they don’t always provide the best option for outlining your artwork because the thinner nibs are insufficient for detailed painting.

Are acrylic pens permanent?

On porous and matte surfaces like wood, stone, paper, and fabric, acrylic pens dry permanently if the paint is good. However, if you want to use acrylic pens on non-porous surfaces like glass, mirror, ceramic, the paint doesn’t stay permanently once it dries.

How do you seal acrylic paint?

Using a varnish spray on your artwork is a very common way to seal your work. There are many acrylic-based varnish sprays available in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte all are good for sealing.

Are acrylic pens waterproof?

Use premium acrylic paint colours. Eighteen vibrant pens by Stango are waterproof, free-flowing, and quick drying. You can paint stones, rocks, pebbles, clothes, metal, pottery, paper, etc.

Can you use acrylic paint on glass?

Acrylic is versatile and great for almost any project including glass, window. You can easily paint acrylic on glass but it is not as easy as painting on canvas. But it may peel off from non-absorbent surface like glass and take long to dry.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

Indeed, this paint works differently on different surfaces, but it can create unique effects with other materials. For example, the fabric of your favourite dress will take on a beautiful glisten when you apply Acrylics!

But do not wash that fabric because maybe washing can ruin your hours of hard work.

Does Acrylic Paintwork On Plastic?

Yes, it can work on plastic. But you have to be an expert before you choose to work on a piece of plastic or a plastic container, as plastic is very slippery comparatively in all decorative materials. It may also take a little more time in the drying procedure.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable?

Many Acrylic painting product companies guarantee that their product is washable and won’t destroy your artwork. But we will not recommend you wash it because artwork can clean with a soft and dry piece of cloth. Water could cause damage to your work.

What is Acrylic based paint?

Acrylic-based paint is transparent, and it can be used as an inner coat, but if you don’t have that base paint, you can apply a white colour coat instead of Acrylic-based colour.

What are white permanent marker pens?

White Permanent marker pens come along in a set of Acrylic pens the works. It can be used as a base coat as well as colouring, filling, and outlining purposes.

Authors Point of View

I have mentioned all the characteristics of these fine tip Acrylic marker pens in detail, and now you are ready to get started without having any trouble. If you are a beginner at Acrylics, the methods of DIY would be helpful for you to begin your journey in this beautiful world of colours.

The most popular use of these pens is rock painting kids can paint the rocks and pebbles and decorate their bedrooms and excellent presents to gift each other. Artists also recommend these painting pens for kids because you can use them on all types of surfaces. Some art teachers give the project to their students. Students can do their tasks according to their teacher guides with these painting pens. The painting pens products have different qualities but are easy to use for kids. Kids do Acrylic pens for rock painting, glass paint, and all the things they want to decorate.

There are so many products of painting markers. Still, Stango is providing you with the best quality paint markers for all surfaces.

Final Words

Acrylic paint pens in the UK are a fun and easy way to bring creativity into your life. Check out our article for the Difference Between Tempera Paint And Acrylic Paint before starting, as well as some tips on how to use them! You’ll also find information on why they’re so great for everyone, especially beginners, what materials work best with them, which techniques will help you get started easily, and more. Finally, if there’s anything we didn’t cover that you want answered, just let us know. This is it for today. Take care.

ProductAcrylic PaintTip TypeSuitable ForEase of UseNumber of ColoursClear Barrel to monitor paint
Stango Fine Paint Marker Pens - 0.7mm Tip• Non- Toxic
• Water-based
• Highly Pigmented
• Semi-gloss finish
Fine Tip 0.7mm

Tough Nylon
Perfect for Outlining.

Cover small detailed areas and big areas.

No reversible tip

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