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Garden wall art could be very different, and we can use anything like the variety of colours, textures, and many old things that can be reused. As we are talking about the garden, so we all know that the first thing that comes to our mind is “Greenery” and green is the most bright and vibrant colour. In this topic, I would discuss a few creative ideas for Garden Wall Art that what colours should we use in this work and how can we make our garden look more beautiful.

Tropical Wall Art

We can use dry palm leaves of our garden in doing Garden Wall Art. We can use different Petals of flowers to make it more natural.

If you are working with dry palm leaves then firstly paint them with green acrylic so the colour will give it a more realistic look. After painting them green, you have to keep them aside to dry.

Once it is completely dry, then you will draw a thin trunk of a tree on a wall then place those painted palm leaves on a wall in the direction of the original palm tree and stick them with glue. Let them dry and follow the same step to draw more trees that would cover the wall.

You can also make green animals or birds with the help of tree leaves.

Garden Wall Art with Artificial Plants

At First, tie a rope with gaps. Make sure the gap between the knots has to be enough in which a pot could be placed easily. After making 7 to 8 knots tie both ends of rope to the nail, which is already placed to the wall. Make sure to keep it a little loose.

Now paint the different sizes of plant pots in different colours, or you can keep them all the same as white. Once they are dried then start hanging them in between the knots. Do not take heavy pots because the rope wouldn’t support them if they are heavy. Place at least 4 to 5 pots and put the artificial plants in the pots. Your one more Garden wall art is ready.

In this way, you can use different hangings on your garden wall. You can hang hand-painted frames, chimes, artificial plants, and many more things to decorate your garden wall.

Painting on a wall

If you are good at drawing, then you can try wall painting also, firstly draw a vast picture or scenery of your choice with the help of a pencil and if your wall is rough, then you can use a chalk or acrylic pens also.

After drawing use acrylic paint pens for outline and then fill in different colours which match your drawing to look genuine. Let it dry and decorate your wall with lights so the painting would also be seen in the night time.

Use of Metal Shelves and Hangings

Metal stands, shelves, and hangings could also make your garden more eye-catching. If you have any rusty metal or rod shelve, then you can reuse it by placing it in a garden in different ways. What you have to do is firstly paint that shelf with acrylic spray paint. The colour should be white or copper. Usually, people use white colour in the garden’s decoration because it enhances the beauty of the garden.

After the painting procedure is complete, you can place artificial plants with lots of multi-coloured flowers on the metal shelf.

Making Decorative Pieces for a Wall

Cut a rough tire of any car into two pieces and place one part of it on a wall with the help of a nail. No matter if the tire is black or you have painted that. Place sand in it and put original flower plants in it. Follow the same step for another tire and place that at your garden wall.

The simple way for one more decorative item for the wall is an old pair of boots.

Just paint the boots with spray or acrylic colours and draw the texture of boots with the help of acrylic paint pens. Once it is completely dry, put sand in the shoes and then original or artificial flowers. If you are using natural flowers, then you have to change the flowers in a maximum of two days.

I hope that you will like these creative ideas of garden wall art.

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