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chalk pens

There is a vast range of chalk markers like paint pens, chalk pens for the board, blackboard pens, and art pens. You can find them anywhere easily.

Stango also provides high-quality paint pens with a variety of colors with smooth ink flow. Without any mess of ink, you can write smoothly and work on fine lines without color bleeding.

What is a chalk pen?

Chalk pens are used most commonly around us, especially in bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. They are like pens, and with these pens, you can write and erase the message quickly. The liquid chalk ink is a paint-like formula which has an opaque and smooth finishing. It is excellent for non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, and wood. They write smoothly on boards and don’t make a mess like other chalks.

Can we erase the chalk pens?

Yes, chalk pens wipe off easily. Waterproof chalk marker pens can be erased easily using blackboard and chalk markers cleaning solution, which helps to get chalkboard off a chalkboard.

Chalk pens are perfect for non-porous surfaces because porous surfaces absorb the liquid chalk ink and leave the stains behind. It is good to try on a small area of the surface you want to work on.

Chalk pens are best for the classroom

You can use chalk pens in your classroom to make the study more interesting to bring subjects such as math, science, history, and live art. There is a huge range of liquid chalk pens and educational supply tools that write on whiteboards, chalkboards, and blackboards.

Make teaching materials more colorful for nursery, primary school, and high school kids. Students pay more attention to the board while studying with these chalk pens, the best thing for the classroom.

What surfaces do chalk pens work on?

Chalk pens are very flexible because of their liquid chalk ink, which works smoothly on different surfaces. These pens are work on metal, ceramic, wood, plastic, pub boards, whiteboards, mirror, glass doors, and slates.

You can use them for art and craftwork. You can also decorate birthday parties, valentines, pubs, Halloween, Christmas, and furniture. The best part of the liquid chalk markers is that they don’t mess like traditional and old chalks. You can use them easily without the mess with beautiful colors.

How do I use chalk markers?

Before using the chalk marker, make sure that your marker is closed correctly, then shake it well. Now press the nib toward the test surface, then pump the nib until it soaks the ink properly and ink flows.  Now your marker is ready to use. You can use it on your work surface.

Is the finish flat, glossy or matte?

All the chalk markers are highly pigmented, and they produce an accurate color on any surface, so they are 100% vibrant and matte. Only the metallic chalk markers are sheen. They give the display a little shimmery and shiny effect, which looks attractive.

Do the colors get fade over the time period, under the sun, or light rain?

These chalk pens are UV- and weather-resistant. They will not fade their colors, especially when using on canvas, paper, and other porous surfaces. If you want your artwork for a long time on a porous surface, you shouldn’t use ammonia-based cleaners.

Is the chalk marker tip plastic or felt?

The chalk marker comes with felt tips, which makes the ink flow smooth and easy to apply. Now you can work efficiently with the felt nib.

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